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Douth Days

Posted by Daniel De Giosa on

Hi there

Thanks for subscribing to my blog! As many of you may know the Margaret River Pro was held over the last 2 weeks, with amazing waves blessing the region from day one all the way through the entire waiting period. I managed to get down there for a lot of the action, and although it was super crowded, managed to sneak a few photos in between the other million photographers getting their slice of the action. Highlights from the fortnight included North Point in Gracetown throwing some solid waves up for all the free surfers, perfect conditions at the Box for the start of the competition, as well as a sneaky session with John John Folerance in Yallingup towards the end of my time in the South West. Pushed myself to get out and swim in some bigger waves, which as very challenging at times, I got a lot of good shots, and also made a lot of mistakes, but that's the learning curve.

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This blog is in its early days, so I would appreciate any sharing and forwarding onto friends, family and work colleagues. Hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as I enjoyed taking them!

The Box looking far too perfect at the start of competition


Looking into a big empty from the grass at Main Break


Filipe Toledo with a nice setup in Round 2


Ricardo Christie getting a barrel for the Kiwi Bros


North Point was big and perfect this afternoon

Jack Robinson shacked on the end bowl


Freddy P driving around the section


Even the groms snuck into a few


Backlit perfection


This bald guy was surfing alright


Yallingup also had some grinders


Humma on the wave of the day


Kim Feast got a coupla too


The most popular surfer in the world these days, and for good reason. John John making this heavy beach break look far too friendly


Got a bit too excited on this one and didn't concentrate on my framing, still kicking myself


Got caught out of position for this one, I guess that will happen when your swimming against a rip in 6 foot waves


 Tube Textures

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